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Our products:

Headphone Amplifier

Line Stage

Single Ended

Push Pull


Sideways Eight Audio Labs' design philosophy finds its roots from the DIY spirit - an open mind to experiment and find the best sounding solutions.  


Our design objective is to achieve a clear sound that is dynamic and open, to bring the listener into the recorded event, be it a live concert or a studio.


We implement design techniques that sound good to us, not subject to the constraints of current fads or marketing slogans.

Sideways Eight Audio Labs is currently developing a complete line of products, including headphone amplifier/line stage, single ended triode and pentode amplifiers, and push pull triode and pentode amplifiers.  


Each model may be customized to an individual user's preferences (e.g., number of inputs, special coupling capacitors, chassis finish).  We are also available for custom engagements to handcraft unique designs based on our extensive experience for the most discerning audiophiles.  Please enquire.  Email


All of our products utilize premium component parts including MagneQuest/Peerless transformers, audiophile grade film and Teflon capacitors, Teflon tube sockets, stepped attenuators and the fabled Tokyo Cosmos RV30YG volume control, metal foil/film resistors, Alcoswitch MTA Green gold plated switches, and Ohno Cast Copper signal hookup wires.