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exaSound 無疑是高端音響界的一顆閃亮新星。創立時間雖不久,其產品已榮獲美國 Stereophile 雜誌數位類比轉換器 Recommended Components Class A+ 的最高榮譽。

e22 高分辨率數位類比轉換器規格:

ENclusiv™ comprehensive sample rate support

DSD: 2.8224 or 3.072 MHz

DSD2: 5.6448 or 6.144 MHz

DSD4: 11.2896 or 12.288 MHz

LPCM/DXD: 44.1kHz to 384kHz

Native support for 88.2, 176.4 & (DXD) 352.8kHz

ESS Technologies 9018S Classic SABRE32 reference monolythic 8 channel DAC configured for stereo

Proprietary ZeroJitter™ asynchronous USB interface with error correction on classic B–Type connector

Custom, high performance Mac OS & Windows ASIO drivers; MAC Core Audio drivers with DoP256 support

Automatic sampling rate switching, software upsampling up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD4

FemtoMaster™ super–low jitter 0.082ps (82fs) master clock with jitter minimization utilizing 3 three precision oscillators

11 linear power filtering stages

Galvanic isolation between the USB subsystem and the DAC circuitry eliminates ground loop noise and blocks computer–generated interference