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The TL-818 HEADPHONE AMPLIFIER/LINE STAGE is one of the introductory products from Sideways Eight Audio Labs.

Prototype photos


Selection of high density pressed bamboo chassis

Each pair consists of a power supply unit and a signal unit that contains the audio amplification circuitry.  Vacuum tube rectification is used because it sounds excellent. Low henry, low DCR filter chokes are utilized so the power supply will be fast and agile.  Shunt regulation on the main audio chassis provides an ultra fast low impedance power supply.

The main audio circuit comprises the 6C45Pi triode gain stage actively loaded by a hybrid 12HL7 constant current source.  The output is capacitor coupled to the TL-818 autoformer that MagneQuest/Peerless has built exclusively for Sideways Eight Audio Labs.

The TL-818 is a special version of the autoformer that Ercel Harrison, the Chief Designer of Peerless, created in 1946 for MGM Recording Studios.

According to Michael LaFevre of MagneQuest, these autoformers are "labor intensive and very exotic in design, including double C-cores, several winding sections, interleaving between "primary" and "secondary", reversed windings, several different wire gauges, multiple paralleled windings, and custom brackets with lots of machine & finish work."  The exemplary design and construction are realized in the listening evaluation: music that is dynamic and "live."

For headphone use, the TL-818 enables user-selectable output impedances for matching different headphones. For example, the exceptional Sennheiser HD-800 works beautifully from the 200 ohm position and the Beyerdynamic T1 is driven using the 500 ohm position. Final Audio Design's lively Pandora Hope VI and hedonistic in-ear monitors such as FAD's FI-BA-SS and JH Audio's Roxanne match well with either the 10 or 4 ohm outputs.

We look forward to sharing with you the wonderful sound of the TL-818 headphone amplifier/line stage.

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