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Single ended amplifier designs are a favorite of Sideways Eight Audio Labs.  We are planning to introduce both directly heated triode models based on classic tubes such as the 300B and pentode models using tubes such as the venerable KT-88.

The single ended amplifiers generally will utilize the following advanced design concepts:

1. Premium MagneQuest/Peerless input transformers, output transformers, and grid chokes; series feed or parallel feed circuit design based on application
2. Constant current source loading
3. Constant current sink in the output cathode circuit
4. Separate chassis power supply using vacuum tube rectifiers
5. Premium component parts such as audiophile grade film/Teflon capacitors, metal film and metal foil resistors, Nichicon KX power supply capacitors, Elna/Nichicon cathode capacitors, Ohno Cast Copper wire, and teflon tube sockets.


The amplifiers will be handcrafted and production will be extremely limited.

Photos of the prototype KT88 triode connected integrated amplifier (suitable for high efficiency loudspeakers)

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